Consultation Services – $100 (2 hours)

We will provide a second pair of eyes to review your current research project, along with DNA test results, and offer other avenues to solve the genealogical problem.

Research Services – $40 per hour (minimum 5 hours)

  • Conduct research in southeastern Alabama and southwestern Georgia.
  • Perform initial review of genealogical problem and available documentation
  • Prepare research plan
  • Analyze DNA data and perform research for document evidence
  • Build family tree based on available ancestor information from DNA match profiles and document research
  • Provide summary report with research results and analysis, document log and images, and recommendations for further research.

DNA Data Monthly Monitoring ($60 per month)

We will setup a Genealogical Data Analysis Tool database file by gathering and importing match data from DNA databases (AncestryDNA, MyHeritage, Family Tree DNA, 23andMe, and GEDmatch) to combine data across platforms and provide a central database for organizing and analyzing DNA evidence and keeping track of research progress.

We will gather and review DNA data monthly and provide a summary report for new matches. Additional charges will apply if further research is requested.

Presentations (45 minutes) 

A variety of presentations are available on various topics. Cost is $100 per presentation including up to 60 miles travel. Mileage at standard IRS rates (over 60 miles) and overnight expenses may apply. Current topics include:

  • Getting the Most From Your atDNA Results
  • AncestryDNA – Getting Started
  • MyHeritage DNA – Getting Started
  • Exploring Family Tree DNA’s Family Finder
  • atDNA 3rd Party Tools – GEDmatch
  • atDNA 3rd Party Tools – Genealogical DNA Analysis Tool
  • DNA Evidence and Citing Your Sources